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Sheeba is a striking 10 year old domestic long hair black cat. Her green eyes will captivate you and her story might make you sad. Sheeba is one of many cats who enter the Humane Society of Kent County because of the loss of the family member who owned them. These cats usually come from a very loving home where they were adored by someone. That someone is their person; their provider, their loving words, their warm lap, their world. Cats like poor Sheeba arrive at the shelter scared, confused, and heartbroken. No one can explain to them what is happening. Why are they here? What is going to happen next? They lose all sense of security and the only life they have ever known. The shelter staff tries tirelessly to keep these animals comfortable and happy. For instance, Sheeba was encouraged to come out of her kennel to socialize with other cats or with the volunteers. Sheeba has been moved to an office, where she has space to stretch out and move around freely. More importantly, she has a buddy to watch and look forward to. Little Miss Sheeba makes the perfect office assistant. Proof reading, lap top warmer, seat warmer and greeting customers and providing them with a friendly purr. Sheeba does it all.

During the entire month of July, The Humane Society of Kent County, along with 19 other shelters across Maryland, are waiving adoption fees for felines with the collective goal of finding homes for at least 2,000 homeless cats and kittens across the state. Now is the purr-fect time to adopt and give a cat or kitten a loving, new family!

Learn more about pet adoption in Kent County by Contacting the Kent County Humane Society today!  

Get more info at or call 410-778-3648