WCTR Pet of the Week

WCTR Pet of the week

Have a warm heart for cold noses?    Listen Wednesday mornings after the news at 8a and help give an adoptable dog or cat a  "forever home"  ....this is a free feature on WCTR to help these pets find a loving home, because we own and love adopted animals too!




Sammy is a happy, 2-3-year-old medium sized mixed breed dog. She is extremely affectionate, and is happiest cuddled up with people. Her whole body wiggles with happiness when she is receiving attention, she loves children, and is social with most other dogs. Sammy would make a wonderful addition to any family with her sweet disposition! You can meet Sammy anytime Tuesday-Sunday 11-5 at the Animal Welfare League. If you’d like more information about Sammy, or any of AWL’s adoptables you can call 410-827-7178 or email to learn more.

Get more info at or call 410-827-7178




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Alsie is having a rough week. Last week her Valentine, Davis her brown tabby boyfriend was adopted. She was comforted for a bit by shelter buddies Tigger and Roo, but it's just not the same. She knows Davis is happy now that he has a family of his own. But she can't help but miss him. She was feeling a little sad and lonely. She kept herself busy playing and visiting with the shelter staff. She woke up yesterday with a fever and a sniffle which is just par for the course. She started her medicine and will recover. Although the doctor says the happier she is, the quicker she will be back to herself. This beautiful little one year old kitten needs someone to cuddle with. Cuddling is practically her favorite thing in the whole world. She loves the company of other kitties and is very inquisitive when comes to dogs. She has had the most fun playing with kids in the lobby of the shelter. She would fit into almost any family. Adorable Alsie is waiting for you to come adopt her and make all her problems yesterday's news!

Get more info at or call 410-778-3648