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Happy go lucky Maggie is a dog that will ALWAYS be excited to see you. Her whole-body wiggles with happiness when she gets affection. She would prefer a home with no cats, but is social with most dogs. Maggie is sweet and endearing, and she is inquisitive—she loves to explore and smell. You can meet Maggie anytime Tuesday-Sunday 11-5 at the Animal Welfare League. If you’d like more information about our adoptables you can call 410-827-7178 or email to learn more.

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Orange is a super sweet, pretty petite, black and white cat. This young feline should be named the comeback kid! When you hear her story, you will understand why! Orange appeared in the emergency drop off room at The Humane Society of Kent County one Monday morning a few months ago. There she sat smack dab in the middle of a bunch of feral kitties that had been dropped off as well. It was assumed that she was surely one of them. Since there were quite a few, it was decided that each cat would be given a color for a name. There was Red, Green, Blue, Sienna, Cyan, Magenta, and of course……Orange!! She is jokingly nicknamed “Orange is the New Black”! It didn’t take long to figure out that Orange was not one of the feral cats, but rather just a really SCARED pet. It is extremely hard when there is no information given at the time of drop off. And it is always that animal that suffers. Orange went through weeks curled up in a ball in her kennel, essentially shut down. She wouldn’t eat and only tolerated being touched. She was losing weight and muscle tone from being so immobile. The staff members were stumped. Orange was sent to the vet to make sure that she wasn’t sick. That wasn’t the answer. Occasionally a volunteer would stop by to visit the cats in the adoption room and Orange would get up and start eating! So that volunteer continued to come, always with super smelly sardines for her new found friend. Little by little Orange got her strength and her appetite back. She was moved to an office to see if that would further cheer her up. Orange warmed up to the office staff immediately and now she has a bed in front of the window and she sings for her breakfast every morning. She loves laps and lots of love. Orange may have a past that is a mystery, but her future is clear. Anyone would fall for this endearing little girl who looks like little Bambi when she walks. Come out and see her today!

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