WCTR Pet of the Week

WCTR Pet of the week

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Our handsome boy Griff is a 4 year old mixed-breed dog who has unfortunately been getting overlooked. He may have a big bark, but he is sweet, loyal, and obedient. He is well trained and would make the perfect companion as the only dog in a home. You can meet Griff anytime Tuesday-Sunday 11-5 at the Animal Welfare League. If you’d like more information about Griff, or any of AWL’s adoptables you can call 410-827-7178 or email to learn more.

Get more info at or call 410-827-7178




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Melanie has such a tender, sweet disposition with people which makes her beautiful from the inside out. When she came in she was a little rough around the edges, a couple of scars on her face but more on her heart. The staff was told she was pregnant and from the looks of her body, this wasn't the first time. So the staff kept a close eye on her, catered to her nutritional needs, and began to try to find a foster home for this mama. As Melanie began to get regular diet and exercise she also appeared to be "not so pregnant". A few days later, the vet confirmed there were no babies. Now Melanie has been spayed and has been the most lovey-dovey girl ever. It's like she is grateful for the friends she has made at the shelter, and all they have done for her. But Melanie's happy ending is not quite written. She prefers to be the only dog and was more scared of cats than you can imagine. She is timid and laid-back and prefers belly rubs to long walks any day. Do you have room in your family for Melanie? Please help write her happily ever after!

Get more info at or call 410-778-3648