WCTR Pet of the Week








If there was ever a cat who could embody the “free hugs” movement, it would be ACSKC’s Pet of the Week, Cross! Cross is a gorgeous Siamese mix with ice blue eyes and beautiful ivory colored fur. She is a very vocal cat who will sing and chirp at you until you give her the attention she desires, and who wouldn’t want to give her some love? Warm laps are her favorite resting spot, and she absolutely loves to be held close! The most adorable thing about Cross: she loves to be scooped up, and will even nuzzle her face under your chin, and get as close as possible while purring away! She is also a big fan of kisses, and will press her muzzle into your face until you give her some!
If you are looking for a cuddly, affectionate, all around amazing cat then stop by the Animal Care Shelter to meet Cross! We are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11am-4pm, and adoption applications can be submitted at the shelter or online at If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can call us at 410-778-3648, or email us at !!




Meet Carmello!
At only 3 years old, this beautiful calico is an old soul. She's the kind of girl who will sit in her cage and "chirp" at you for attention. She's a very vocal young lady! The only thing on her mind is getting pets, but she won't push you! Carmello is very calm, and she's good at letting you do your own thing- but she'll definitely be waiting for you to give her attention. Sweet Carmello doesn't really have a temper, and it's honestly pretty rare to find a kitty that is ALWAYS ready for love. And we can't forget to mention how beautiful she is. Her markings are so unique, with a 1/3 orange, 1/3 black, and 1/3 white face, we're so surprised she hasn't caught anyone's eye yet. If Carmello could pick her perfect home, she'd choose a calmer one where her humans are a bit older and know not to poke and prod at her. She'd love a home where she could get attention for most of the day, but she'd be fine on her own for a while! She doesn't seem to mind other cats, and we think she could live with dogs since she's spunk enough to put them in their place.
Learn more by visiting or calling 410-827-7178