WCTR Pet of the Week








Playful, energetic, sweet, gentle; these are just a few words to describe our newest Pet of the Week, Penny! Penny arrived at our shelter in early July, and the staff here cannot understand why she is still here. She is an absolutely beautiful dog, with German Shepherd markings and the most adorable floppy ears. Her favorite things include long walks, time in the play yard, and hanging out with the staff members! Penny gets along great with other playful, less dominant dogs, and she would love to have a playmate in her future home! She’s also great with children, and would be the perfect dog for a young family looking to add a four legged fur-ball to their home. At the end of a long day of playing, Penny loves to sit and relax with her people, receiving belly rubs and resting her head on the nearest lap. Penny is truly a special pup, and it’s time for her to find her perfect home!
Do you have a Penny sized hole in your heart? Come visit her at the shelter Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-4pm. Adoption applications can be submitted at our shelter or online at Any questions, comments, or concerns can be called in at 410-778-3648, or emailed to us at!




Meet Rootbeer!

It's not very common that we get a breed like Rootbeer- he's a big, wrinkly Chinese Shar-Pei! We've had a few Shar-Pei mixes in here or there, but this guy could very well be a pure-bred. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about his past because surprisingly, he came in as a stray! We've gotten to know him pretty well in the past 3 months since he's come in. While we don't know what his previous home was like, we think it's pretty obvious his humans didn't give him too much attention. Rootbeer doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, but it just seems like he's not quite sure he knows what to do with people! Are we here to just pet him, just play with him, or just feed him? He's not entirely sure, but he's been learning very quickly how to make new friends, and if you have enough treats he'll be your friend for life! He's a smart guy, and we're sure he'd love a family who's dedicated to helping him learn new tricks. Rootbeer can get a bit nervous sometimes, so he'd be happiest in a calmer, quieter home where someone in his family is home most of the day. He's a pretty happy guy, but he's pretty easily excited, so he could fit well in a home with other animals as long as those animals are used to a high-energy guy like Rootbeer! Learn more by visiting or calling 410-827-7178